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I Have What I Need

“I have what I need…”

Growing up I always heard this statement from Christians: “I have what I need…”. It makes sense when you hear it from people. Christians are always trying to be humble or at least seem humble.
But…now that I’m older and have seen more, I have a problem with this statement. What if this statement that “we have what we need” is more selfish then humble? We need to break out of this mentality that poverty is next to Godliness, when in fact it’s closer to devil then anything else. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but God gives life and more abundantly.(John 10:10)
Saying, “I have what I need” means you are only thinking about yourself, and your own needs. God wants you in abundance so you can help others around you. The church should be the main force in helping the poor instead of the government. Yet, Christians have believed the lie that they don’t need much because they are supposed to be humble. So they accept this low standard and let the government control more then it should.
You are blessed to be a blessing. Not just a spiritual blessing but physical, financial blessings as well. Prosperity means nothing missing, you are whole, in every area. Stop equating it to only spiritual prosperity because I guarantee you thinking “I’m prosperous because I’m close to God” means you are not close to God because you aren’t thinking about others starving or in need. So next time you catch yourself thinking I have what I need, stop, look at those around you… you need more so you can help more.

Written by: Pastor Eric Lintner | Assistant Pastor at Higher Life Christian Centre


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