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Submission…a technical decision.

Submission & Honor

                   Submission and Honor have become swear words to Christians today!  But the reality is that it is a command and not a suggestion!  You NEED to Honor and Submit to the authority that God places in your life!  ALL authority comes from God (Read Romans 13:1-5)!  You see, those who cannot submit to or come under authority can’t operate in it.  Being under authority & Submitting to it authorizes you to operate in it.  It is a sacrifice but when you do it you attach yourself to the blessings of the person you are submitting to and honoring!  You join in with the anointing that is on their life and the things God has placed on them and given to the will begin to overflow onto you!

Let’s break this down…  “Sub-Mission”  –  “Sub” is coming under the mission!  A sub is not doing its job properly unless it is under the water!  And so it is with the church, its people, & its body!  You cannot fully walk out your calling in the body unless you come under the mission and submit to authority!

When you Submit to authority you come under the mission and NOT the personality!

If you come under the personality you will be tossed like a wave and drawn every way and direction because people are fickle and always change!  When you submit to the authority of God and not the person themselves you are honoring God because you submit to God IN that person & God NEVER changes!  Numbers 23:19!

AND, Do not look at age!  If God has placed it, Submit to it!  Honor it!

                   Find that one person that you need to be submitting to and you will supernaturally find your true calling and place of service!

Look at Paul on his way to Damascus when he met the Lord!  He found his true calling by submission!  Read Acts 9:1-31

Before Paul realized authority, he wanted to eradicate the church from the earth.  But after he met the Lord on the way to Damascus, he realized that it was difficult to kick against the goads (God’s authority) with his feet (man’s energy).  He immediately fell down, acknowledged Jesus as Lord, and submitted to the instruction of Ananias in Damascus.  Paul met God’s authority.  At his conversion, Paul was brought not only into a realization of God’s salvation, but also into a realization of God’s authority.

The greatest demand God has on man is not bearing the cross, offerings, consecration, or self-sacrifice.  God’s greatest demand on man is submission.                     **1 Samuel 15:22**

God has only one goal in the church, which is to manifest His authority in the universe.  He needs YOU to do that!

AND HEAR THIS!!!  Satan is not afraid of us preaching the words of Christ.  He is only afraid of us submitting to the authority of Christ.

Learn to Honor and Submit to God’s appointed authority…TODAY!

Written by: Rev. Philip Hutchings | Lead Pastor at Higher Life Christian Centre

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